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Subject Guides

Guides with suggested resources from the online catalog, our premium subscription resources, magazines, newspapers and the internet.

Online ResourcesAlphabetical List of Online Resources

Business & Finance
Business Plans
Consumer protection
Grants, Foundations, Nonprofits
Manage your investments
Newspapers, TV and radio
PA Wilds Resource Center
PA Wilds Collection
Personal finance & taxes
Research a business or company
Start a business
Taxes and licensing

Careers, College & Job Information
GED Express
The Job Path
Job & Career Accelerator - Find a Job
Free Online College Courses

Community & Government
County & city services
Federal government information
Legal information
Motor vehicles
Neighborhood safety
Newspapers, TV & radio
Pennsylvania Government Information
Williamsport & Lycoming County

Computers & the Internet
Computers & Internet Tutorials
Internet safety

Education & Home Schooling
Help for teachers and educators
Learn a new language
Public, private, charter & home schooling

Book it!
Find something great to watch
Kids only!
Newspapers, TV and radio
What's it worth
Williamsport & Lycoming County

Family & Home
Auto Repair and Buying a Car
Birth, Death certificates & obituaries
Consumer Health
Consumer protection
Find a place to live
Genealogy & family history
Neighborhood safety
Parents corner
Senior living
Teen Zone

Health & Wellness
Consumer health
Parents Corner
Senior living

Reference & Research
Calendars & converters
Directory assistance
General reference
Geography, maps & flags
Inventors & inventing

Travel & Recreation
Fares & reservations
Find a place to stay
Plan your trip