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Find Music

A search engine that locates MP3 files ready to play. Search for a song title or artist. Then just click the green preview arrow. Sign up for a free account and save the links to listen again.

The site bills itself as a “relationship explorer.” Type in the name of a musical artist you like, hit expand, and a cluster of similar-in-feel artists will appear — each linkable to another five or six to discover. Sure, we get why a search for Radiohead would give us Arcade Fire, but we’re  fascinated to see the path from Wolf Parade to the Unicorns to Architecture in Helsinki. Be shocked and impressed by the obscurity of some of the acts in TuneGlue.

Search for audio, lyrics or use the advanced search feature. Results show if the link status (working or not working)

Share Music

Create a profile, tag your music, get recommendations, sync your profile with your MP3 player. Free registration required.
Listen to tracks, read and write reviews, create a profile and share your thoughts on music with friends. Free registration required.