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SIRS Discoverer, an award-winning general reference resource for learners and researchers in grades 1-9, makes learning fun and intuitive. Discoverer helps students develop their research, writing, language, and computer skills. Only the best, most unique, and most relevant resources are selected for SIRS Discoverer.

The online resource includes carefully selected, 100% full-text articles and images from more than 1,900 newspapers, magazines, and reference books, along with over 10,000+ educator approved weblinks via the integrated Discoverer WebFind content set.

Read the Books
A great site for elementary and middle-school students to find a book for school or fun. Innovative and entertaining, Read the Books uses animation to help kids connect with books. Find books, read reviews, rate books. The books link to the Library catalog . Whether it's for a school project or just browsing, kids will find Read the Books a useful and enjoyable book-discovery experience.