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Free College Courses

Oxford’s University's podcast series allows you to audit courses at the English-speaking world’s oldest university — free of charge, and from afar.
Learn about quantum nanotechnology while riding the subway. Study Milton in the Laundromat. And hear the creation story as it’s described in the Torah, the Bible, and the Koran. You can also hear American economist Joseph Stiglitz’s recent talk on the credit crunch (it’s the top-ranked podcast at iTunes) and tag along with Michael Palin (Oxford ’65, Monty Python ’83) as he gives you a video tour of the university and its Bodleian Library (it’s home to 9 million items, including four Magna Cartas). Oxford has launched the careers of countless movers and shakers — including 25 prime ministers. Here’s your chance to join their ranks!  The University of Oxford on iTunes U  |  Access Oxford's podcasts with your browser

Getting a well-rounded education online is easier than ever thanks to OpenCourseWare. Read on for a list of seven colleges and universities that offer free liberal studies courses

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (mit.edu)

The renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has a fantastic OpenCourseWare program flush with liberal studies courses. There are hundreds of course options to choose from. Most can be downloaded in audio or video and include lectures, readings, assignments and exams.

2. University of Notre Dame (nd.edu)

The University of Notre Dame offers free liberal studies courses that can't be found anywhere else. Their extensive collection includes everything from history courses to gender studies. Most of the courses feature extensive text, lectures and assignments.

3. Carnegie Mellon University (cmu.edu)

Carnegie Mellon University has a newly launched Open Learning Initiative (OLI) that strives to provide free and effective education via the World Wide Web. The OLI courses have been altered for online learners, but are still comparable to the school's expensive, campus-based courses. Some of the materials you can expect to encounter include virtual labs, cognitive tutors, case studies and online simulations.

4. University of California, Berkeley (berkeley.edu)

UC Berkley has a collection of webcasts. Each semester, the school adds video and audio versions of courses and events. Liberal studies offerings include: English, computer science, social studies, literature and history courses.

5. The Open University (open.ac.uk)

Britain's largest university, The Open University, has hundreds of liberal studies courses designed specifically for self-learners. Courses are text based and range from the introductory level to the master's level.

6. Utah State University (usu.edu)

Utah State University has an impressive collection of liberal studies courses. All of the courses are high-quality and free to self-learners around the world. Some of the materials students can expect to find include readings, lectures and progress tests.

7. University of Massachusetts, Boston (umb.edu)

UMass Boston has a growing catalog of free liberal studies courses. There are a wide range of topics to study and a lot of quality courses to choose from. Nearly all of the courses include readings, lectures and assignments. Some courses also have quizzes and exams.