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Small Business Courses and resources

Small Business Administration Courses
Small Business Administration
- Programs and services to help you start, grow and succeed.

How to Start a Business on a Shoestring Budget
The U.S. Small Business Administration and Trump University have developed, under a co-sponsorship agreement, a FREE online business course.  The self-paced course, Start a Business on a Shoestring, is designed to help individuals understand how to create a small business on a very limited budget.  The “bootstrapping” exercise is easy to follow and filled with helpful business tips.  Four different business situations are profiled.  Instructors and SBA experts are used to guide students through the maze of starting a business.  

List of free Business Courses from the SBA: Find courses In these categories , Starting a Business, Surviving in a down economy, Business Management, Financing & Accounting.

The SBA’s Small Business Training Network at www.sba.gov/training offers a range of online business training and counseling tools to assist entrepreneurs with business start-up, from developing marketing strategies to effective employee management.  It also provides valuable information for existing small business owners.  The training network is an easy-to-use tool that provides 24-hour access to business courses via the Internet..

Free Business Courses from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (www.mit.edu)
The renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has a fantastic OpenCourseWare program with many business course options to choose from. Most can be downloaded in audio or video and include lectures, readings, assignments and exams. Free. Learn the material without cost of an Ivy League education. No credits, degrees or certificates offered, just the knowledge.

See the Sloan School of Management Business Courses

Other Business Resources available on the eBranch

Business Plans Handbook
Thinking of starting a new business? Business Plans cover a wide range of real life plans for starting nearly 300 enterprises, each plan includes startup expenses, a description of products and services, sales forecasts, growth strategies, financial summaries and marketing tactics. All business plans can be viewed and printed as a web page or PDF document.

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